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The  Covenant Ministries Story

The Covenant Ministries Story

In 1994, while stationed/living in Germany, the Lord gave, then, Minister Yvonne Jones, the vision for Covenant Ministries International (CMI). She shared her vision with Chaplain Captain George Duncan, a U.S. Air Force Chaplain, who began to mentor and develop within her the necessary skills that would impact the future of her ministry. God would also send additional mentors into Elder Jones’ life to assist her in her spiritual development: Bishop Larry D. Trotter, Bishop David Michael Copeland, and Pastor Claudette Copeland to name a few.

The understanding of the vision of CMI grew stronger as Elder Jones taught various biblical classes and preached throughout the European arena (Turkey, England, Italy, Germany and Saudi Arabia). After ten years of living and spiritually developing in the European environment, in August 1999, Bro. Doug and Elder Jones were relocated and transplanted to Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL. Upon the call to begin the assignment to plant CMI, Elder Jones gathered seven individuals and began to fast and pray concerning the vision for ministry in Montgomery, AL.

CMI was officially organized and formed with a total of seven members. Without hesitation and under the direction of Elder Jones, CMI is pursing after Exodus 25:8, “And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.” CMI was first located for six years at 230 Mendel Parkway, Montgomery, AL and is currently located at 4870 Woodley Road, Montgomery, AL. The first official worship service for CMI was held here October 7, 2007 and Covenant Ministries International continues to grow and focus on the mission at hand. CMI is currently covered under the Kingdom Connection Fellowship International; Bishop Jerome H. Ross is the Presiding Prelate.

CMI Mission

A ministry focused on developing the total man by empowering believers to pursue their Purpose, Destiny and Assignments while increasing their capacity to operate in Kingdom Principles. (Luke 4:43). The mandate of CMI is simple - to deliver the message of the Kingdom to a generation looking for more than church rhetoric.

CMI Vision

The scope of CMI’s vision is vast and with the continued help of the Lord we will press towards our purpose in the earth. Building Knowledge, Building Kings, Building the Kingdom.







Join us on Sunday for Morning Worship @ 10:45 am.

Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 7 pm.

Friday Night Prayer @ 7 pm.

4870 Woodley Road
Montgomery, AL 36116

Phone: (334) 356-7660